Ken Edwards Stoneware Pottery
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Small Teapot (KE.V42)


Sipping your refreshing tea brewed in a teapot can make for a great start of your day. Buy Mexican lead-free small teapot of Ken Edwards for full enjoyment of your tea time and adding to the decor of your table. Handmade and hand-painted by skillful artisans in the Ken Edwards studio with vibrant color schemes and unique designs, you won’t find any exact copies of any stoneware. Buy Mexican lead-free small teapot to help lift your mood with its eye-soothing color and design while contributing to your presentation. Ken Edwards stoneware is exquisitely beautiful with individualized designs and bold shades. Bogged down with excess workload or can’t manage stress? Buy Mexican lead-free small teapot to make a perfect cup of tea that will rejuvenate your mind and face the challenges of life. Ken Edwards teapot comes in various color combinations and unique designs to help you choose the right one matching your taste and personality. Buy Mexican lead-free small teapot that is microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe. The teapot that will be shipped to you will not be similar in color and design to the one pictured here. Enjoy your tea like never before with Ken Edwards unique teapot.

Every piece of Ken Edwards is different. It is impossible to obtain a set of exact copies. The beauty of a set of Dinnerware from Ken Edwards is that each plate, each cup, each bowl is different.

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